For all you know hes a liar and he is sharing your heart of beads to another
And he certaintly keeps feeding up that fire
And your raindrops are sure to make water
As you scream we are tired like wire
But the rust seems to break us apart
And those hearts that youve eaten have pruned you ip into circles
And I guess you were trying to crack the shell
And these day I'm feeling like a pirate
And also for the record I have stole a bit of beauty
And it shines like a yellow gown over the water
But I still can't seem to make myself feel happy
Ill just walk the plank and say I will be better off drowning
To become water for another tree
I could feed and grow those roots beside me
And ill be laughing yes I will be laughing at me
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There Is A Ship, Let's Sail Lyrics

An Angle – There Is A Ship, Let's Sail Lyrics