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Where Can We Go Lyrics

Alchemist – Where Can We Go Lyrics

Where can we go

[Devin the Dude - talking]
Don't even tease me like that girl
I wanna holla at you to, but man you know you gotta man
It' s too close to home, it's too close for comfort girl
Anyway man, I wouldn't even...yo check it out

Where can we go, and nobody would know
What can we do, without them seein' me & you
What will we say when we finish fuckin' at the end of the day
Where can we go...we can't go nowhere

we can't go nowhere we can't even think about it
we might as well just chill talk on the phone
cause there ain't no use goin' out in public
unless you sayin' fuck it and let everyone know

Yo we gotta keep it safe
Cause if he knew we were together he'll be all off in your face
Wonderin' what happened with us, drillin' you with questions
You can save yourself from hurt feelings and the fussin'
Now you know I'm involved too
So I thought you would agree with what I'm sayin'
We can't go around playin' with these peoples hearts
We can't be sneakin' off in these streets creepin'
Without at least one your friends peekin'
It's felony, yellin' and tellin' your man
And me and him is cool so he wouldn't understand
yo, I got respect for my dawg
But I keep having visions of him naked and all
I shoudna told you that but it's a fact
I put this thang up in your back
Girl, you woudn't know how to act..
But we, both know that it's wrong
So we might as well just leave it alone


Where can we go

We can't go nowhere, we can't do nothing {*2X*}

Now I can only imagine havin' ya legs and that ass
And you screamin' out...ya but see that wouldn't be fair
And is it really worth it, you woundn't feel guilty at all
And know I will when my gal wash my filthy draws
Maybe we should all go out together, give 'em room to slip
And when they stare at each other we'll have a reason to trip
But, nah, that plan ain't cool
Cause if they hook up with each other we'll look like fools
Check it out, let's just have phone sex
I get your thong wet, you can get my bone erect
But that's cheatin ourselves, and see I wanna be pleased
I wanna slide in and slide out with ease
You tell me that your lonely, and I can come save ya
I thought about it, shit but you got some nosy neibours
We can take a chance but we just might lose
But where can we go what can we do


We can't go nowhere, we can't do nothing {*2X*}
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