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Different Worlds Lyrics

Alchemist – Different Worlds Lyrics

Yeah Yo
I grew up in the projects of qbc

I grew up in the lap of luxury where chickens love for me
I used to watch sesame street

I used to watch the D's play in the street
Plus I couldn't wait to squeeze my first heat

I used to pray to God before I went to sleep every night

Same time I was kissing the dice hitting my number twice
You holding hammers with the heat out with nice

Same time I was popping cap guns on bmx bikes
With grass stains on my jeans and scuffed up knights

I was like fuck school, I ain't going to class
Easy money in the street, I was rolling with that
Never good at math but I knew how to add up cash

I used to win at spelling bees
My education was proper my family wanted me to be a lawyer a doctor
I was smooth talker (back in those days) I was a moon walker
With a picture of my shorty inside of my school locker


[Twin and Alchemist]

[T] I never had shit
[A] I always had it all
[T] We used to play with guns
[A] We used to play ball
[T] I used to pump crack
[A] In school I paid attention
[T] I was a hard head
[A] I used to always listen
[T] We turned bitches out
[A] I used to love hoes
[T] We wore hammy downs
[A] I always had new clothes
[T] I used to stay bent
[A] I couldn't hold my liquor
[T] Its kind of bugged out
[A] Two different stories in one picture

The first year of high school my parents noticed me slipping
Smoking cigarettes skipping class catching detention

Every night all I heard was freeze
Niggaz getting bagged by the D's
And some bitch that got a disease

Fourteen and watching on teeny raps and forties and screams
I learned how to tilt my hat sag my jeans
Wanted a (unknown) piece thought that would be fresh

Me and my brother used to yank those s***s straight off people's necks
Summer time river park mans at 1 2 fifth
Sticking kids with my identical twin
If I could go back in time I would take you with me
Show you what its like to live a lifestyle to risky

I put in work in rhymes and beats while you was putting work in the streets
It's bugged out who ever would have thought that we'd meet
What is this rap shit that made this package complete
They put us into the studio and put these raps to this beat


I'm west coast imma rep it forever
But I had to move to the east to get all of my respect and my cheddar
To tell the truth the only thing I really left was the weather
All of my friends the same we always kept it together

Picture this shook one drop the Mobb on top
Now rolling state to state with shows nonstop
Seen the money Hav and P was getting off in the top
Off of hip hop I wasn't going back to the black

My man Muggs introduced me to you Nitty and G. O. D
Brought me to the studio to play music to Hav and P

You can't forget my dunns Noyd and Gotti

I was a nobody
They showed me love told me they got me

Remember the first time I the bong I was doing it wrong
Took us some months till my High was gone
They we showed you how to roll up dutchies then it was on

Now we rolling all across the county with hit songs

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Songwriters: ALAN MAMAN, J. RAHEEM, Jamal Raheem
Different Worlds lyrics © Royalty Network, Songtrust Ave, THE ROYALTY NETWORK INC.

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