And late at night I watch you sleep
And wonder if it’s me you see in dreams so deep
I can’t pretend it’s still the same
I feel your touch but in your voice I hear his name

Tell the truth - Has another taken my place
Just the truth - It’s there in your face

Do you still love how we kiss when the morning wakes us
And do you still find me handsome like you did before
Will you still reach for my hand when you’re feeling sad and blue
Baby do you still love me - or someone new

I can’t ask why, I can’t ask how
I can’t explain but I can see it’s different now
Your looks are new, your touch feels strange
And I can tell that in your heart you’ve made a change

Tell the truth - Has another entered your life
Just the truth - Cuz it’s like a knife – so please tell me


Can’t help lookin’ ‘round when you and I are alone
Can’t help feelin’ that a stranger’s in our home



Or someone new
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Do You Still? Lyrics

Alan Guno – Do You Still? Lyrics