A story of love
A story of Amore – Dance, Amore

Your patient world - It glows in radiant wonder
A picture perfect way to show what you can do, but your
Your fondest dreams resound with mighty thunder
Your X-ray vision as you make the rounds so new

They don’t know, they don’t know
The fire that you hold now
The places that you go
What’s comin’down

And when you live, Amore, you tell a different story
Your world it shines as if the sun appeared at night
And when you dance, Amore, you’re face to face with glory
The music rises and it fills the floor with fire

When we were young, we played and planned our future
You engineered your life to conquer all your fears, and now
The time has passed - You model grace and splendor
Glad tidings sound for what the Pantheon now hears

They don’t know, they don’t know
The tests and trials you greet now
The heart grows, the dreams flow
Through waters deep


They don’t know, they don’t know
The symbols and the signs now
Just hold on, and be strong
You’ll have your time


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Amore Lyrics

Alan Guno – Amore Lyrics