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Shake It Baby Lyrics

Aja – Shake It Baby Lyrics

A woo
Verse 1
Stepped in the club and the party don't stop
Till we get here let the 808-drop (boom)
Don't stop dj keep it rockin
This beat gonna keep your head knockin (ah ooo)
If we say holla holla back (woo hoo)
Got a little this and a little that (woo hoo)
Boy if I hit you hit me back
We gon keep it movin
Pre chorus
To the people in the club
Let me see you wave your hands (hands)
To the people on the floor
Let me see you do your dance (dance)
To the people in the vip
Just wave your hands (hands)
Come on everybody
Get up everybody
And shake your thang
If you came to the club
And your lookin for a hottie (hottie, hottie)
And the fellas show you love
When your shakin that body (shake ya body)
Get the hot spot now
Holla if you hear me
Time to shake your thang (time to shake your thang)
From the roof to the floor
To the dj spinnin that heat (shake it baby)
If your hot we can bang bang boogie (shake it baby)
With the shorty in the corner
It's a party no chillin
Time to shake your thang (time to shake your thang)
Verse 2
Feelin good so lets get started
Got my girls and it's time to party (oh)
Hit the floor and grab somebody
Cuz you know were ready (la la la)
To de what we came to do
We can shake it up stay in the groove (la la la)
Won't stop till the mornin comes
All night in the club till we see the sun
Pre chorus
Oohh oohh oohh
Oohh oohh oohh
Pre chorus
Chorus repeat out
Shake that body for me
Put your hands where I can see
If you came to party
Then shake, shake, shake your thang
La la la la
Shake it baby
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