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He's All Mine Lyrics

Aja – He's All Mine Lyrics

(Intro repeat)
Oh oh

In the middle of the night
I hear my phone ring
When I go to say hello
I hear nothing
And I know it’s you playing on the phone
Wishing you were here
But your home alone
You got nothing else
Better to do
Tryna play games
But the game’s on you
And your head’s all up in the clouds
It’s time for you to come down
And realize that...

(Bridge 1)
He belongs to me
Your living end what used to be
Stop wasting your time
Let it go
Cause he just don’t love you no more

(Chorus repeat)
You can flip
You can trip
You can try
But your wasting your time
Cause the truth steal remains
When you think about it
Girl, he’s all mine

[Verse 2:]
Now I know you were together for a long time
But the truth remains
He is all mine
You can talk about me
All that you want
What is said is done
Your just not the one
I’m not trying to say
I’m better then you
I can do it to
The pain your going through
But you need to understand
Things have changed
Girl open up your eyes
And realize

(Bridge 1)

(Chorus repeat)

(Bridge 2)
See I don’t know why
Why you must try
Can’t you see that
That he’s all mine
Don’t you get it
So get over it
Why can’t you see
It’s over
No no

(Bridge 1)

(Chorus till fade)
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