I cry myself to sleep at night
I toss and turn while I think of you
I just wanna know
Once a flame burned oh-so bright
But now I try to keep it high
Just wanna know, hm I wanna know

Givinґ it up could be so easy
Livinґ it up would be better to do
Go back to the start but I donґt want toґcause I am your woman and you are my man

No pin-up girl whose bodyґs tight
Can give you what you get from me
I just wanna show
So listen to what I say to you
And keep your eyes hold open wide
I wonґt let you go

I would never love anyone but you
I hope you do remember that you love me too

Canґt you see Iґm your woman
Givinґ it up...
Livinґ it up...

I would never love...
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You Are My Man Lyrics

Aendiaena – You Are My Man Lyrics