You say you love me
And I think thatґs okay
But thereґs one thing I got to complain
A typical male thing
You canґt hear what my heart is sayinґ
And I fly into a rage
But I forgive you evґrything and thatґs why

Love and understanding
Could it be so hard to do
What ever youґre demanding
Iґm the one to see it through
So give me some reasons
To justify my love for you

Weґre fussing and fightinґ
Sometimes itґs delighting
But when you get me wrong all the time
Iґd like to jump out a speed train
Stay out in the cold rain
ґcause action speaks louder than words
But I try to calm my nervs and thatґs why

Love and understanding...
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Love & Understanding Lyrics

Aendiaena – Love & Understanding Lyrics