Plastic soldiers
Marching to their deaths
Fighting wars of ignorance and hate
Ordered to destroy
Blinded by faith
Blackened hearts that slaughter
None remain

Freedom afar – disgust and scorn
Pre-programmed minds
Ghosts from beyond
Ghosts from beyong

Liberty a dream irrational
Sinners and believers
To ashes burn
A toxic cloud that fills the sky
Now kills
Tyrant axe will sever mankinds ills

Freedom a bell that never sounds
Die all alone... Now Hell abounds
Insanity thy kindom come
Eternal reign under a gun
'Neath darkened mists can't see the Sun
The shadow lords now rule supreme
Bring forth the guillotine!

Ghosts from beyond
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Ghosts From Beyond Lyrics

Adrenicide – Ghosts From Beyond Lyrics