I watch the clock
I wanna go
Heart beats fast
As time... time moves slow
Palms are sweating
I've got the shakes
To end this Hell... 20 beers is all it takes

Bartender! Bring me a drink!
Keep 'em coming...'till I can't think!
Hey bartender! Fill my glass!
Keep on pouring... or I'll kick your ass!

Drown! Drown in beer!
Drown in beer!
Drown in beer!
I left my home
Jumped in a cab
Got no money
Have to start... Start a tab
Pushed my way
Past the after-work punks
Won't stop drinking...'till I - I blow chunks

I'll keep drinking'till I'm in my grave
I'll drift awayon an amber wave
So drown your sorrows
And stop your crying'cos beer sells... and you are buying
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Drown In Beer Lyrics

Adrenicide – Drown In Beer Lyrics