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Transitions Lyrics

Adaliah – Transitions Lyrics

Why do I keep it in mind?
To keep you there in spite of your absence
Damned, with unsettling agony
No matter what’s in front of me
I can’t shake this off for the life of me
Is there any way to just forget?
You should know by now that this never fucking ends
It swallows me whole, my body and soul
Cold and alone, my hearts turned to stone
Moving forward has never meant so much to me
I put my heart and soul into everything you ever wanted me to be
I guess I’m just not good enough for you this time
You spit in my face, you left me behind
But I still keep you in mind (I still keep you)
I’m chasing your flame
A flame that went out long ago…
But I still follow the smoke
I still follow your smoke.
Possessive compulsive, I cling to every thought
This guilt has turned me into something that I’m not (I’m never coming back)
Intrusive to every corner of my life, I’ll find myself in due time
Cold and alone, it swallows me whole
Cold and alone, my hearts turned to stone
It just swallows me whole
This red wall is the only thing that can relate
Sick of trying, sick and tired of holding onto this hate
For every memory washed down with a bitter aftertaste
You think of happy endings while you’re cursing me to waste
But you leave me with the opposite to choke on for the taste
This disease will be the death of me
Fuck this negativity that clings onto every part of me
You will never really know what it’s like
It’s not the same, when there’s no one to blame but yourself
It’s a shame but I’m just another wolf with hunger pangs
Cold and alone, it swallows me whole
Cold and alone, my hearts turned to stone
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