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Mind Eraser Lyrics

Adaliah – Mind Eraser Lyrics

It was all part of the plan
Just think a year from now you won’t remember my name
We hydroplaned
And I watched us crash and burn before we hit the wall
Stepping stones don’t exist when I’ve fallen off a cliff
Selfishness, ignorance, fucking bliss
It wasn’t enough, I’m never enough
You say that you cared, I’m calling your bluff
I’ll never be fucking good enough
I tried to erase you but the words smeared on the paper
I need a…mind eraser
One so vile and abrasive that I won’t remember all the pain you put me through
This was all part of your plan
It’s been a year and I can’t remember your face
My minds gone blank but nothing feels the same
Memories replaced with the let-down of an empty promise
I should have called this from a mile away
But I was blinded by what was and what could have been us
And so I’ll stay awake at night haunted by the thought of years lost
And time spent caring for someone…
Who didn’t give a fuck whether I was still breathing at the end of the day
I still can’t believe how easily you dropped everything and pushed me away
So let me set this straight
I am everything you hate
I’m the grime that lines your sink
I’m the fucking demon seed
All I wanted was for you to fucking care for once in your selfish life
The time we wasted
The feeling of being alone, out in the cold
A misguided soul, destined to spend his life on his own
I hope you’re happy
I’m standing here with a sense of regret for the things I have said
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