You better watch out
What he says or what he does
Don't take a chance on him
So you won't end up like a trash
Don't fall for his trap
'Cause he'll get you down flat
He's broken a thousand hearts
So, play it smart

Take my advice
Don't you play his kind of game
He knows every trick in the book
So beware of his dirty schemes
He'll use you helplessly
That all you get is sympathy
Don't throw your like away
Oh, can't you see

He's a heartbreaker
He's gonna break your heart
Girl, he's gonna tear your life apart
(Repeat Chorus)

Listen to the words I say
Before you find out it's too late
You're in danger
So be clever, be careful, watch his stare

*Don't look into those cheating eyes
That sweet talkin' lies
He'll make you out for a fool
So play it cool
(Repeat Chorus 2X)
(Repeat *)
(Repeat Chorus over and over to fade)
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Heartbreaker Lyrics

A.D. Police – Heartbreaker Lyrics