Now, everybody get up on your feet
Just keep on dancin'
Babe, don't you quit
Hangin' on as the music's on
And make the best of your rockin' talk with me,
With me

Now take a break for a Saturday night
As you can see, it's gonna be right
Come be my man won't you take a chance
Let's feel the love, find the big romance
Now move your hip till you can make a hit
Through the night

Rockin' the beat (oh)
Feelin' the heat
Breakin' it all the time with all your might with me
Rockin' the beat, oh
Feelin' the heat
Breakin' it all the way it makes me feel alright

The time is up, don't you break up
Because you can feel now
You're hittin' the top
(Repeat second part of second stanza)
(Repeat refrain over and over till fade)
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Rockin' The Beat Lyrics

A.D. Police – Rockin' The Beat Lyrics