Oh what do I see
Rising from the mists of the earth
Se majestic and alluring
It is where I want to be forever

Pathways of darkness feed me
Upon burning feet I ascend the steps
Through cold dense clouds I fade away
Floating up to the ancient cliffs again

Dripping with ice
Old broken silver fangs
Streams under the shattered bridge
Ghastly shadows
Scattered wide the jagged terrain
Haunted with moonlit melancholy

Return me to the mountains of north
The frozen peak where icicles form the past

Violent storms of hatred blur my eyes
Snow covering all the barren landscape
The wolves cove the immortal path
I wait here for the deity to greet me

Take me home to the tundra
Where I was born and lived alone
I desire to return
To the mountain where icicles formed
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Where Icicles Form Lyrics

Accursed – Where Icicles Form Lyrics