We'll live in ecstasy forever amen
Was said by the demon who caused me to sin
I am the dead dreamer

I'm blind to all th pain that's here
Only existing to bring you fear
Happines is a faded memory
Not even God can make me see
Oh arise majestic luridity
Mists of sulphur in my rotted eyes

I hid your decaying corpse below
Naturally I thought you were dead
Then you awoke from your sleep
Smearing me into bloody red

Been loveless since the truth revealed
Now cleansed of the lies of a wolrd gone mad

I fell on the blade and saw my blood flow
Her eyes poured tears as she watched me die
We shared love lasting eternity
Now I'm deceased and she's buried in me

Descending gloriously from the clouds
The holy Lord darkly shrouds
Sending some to heaven and others to hell
Where do I fit, where will I finally dwell
Risen from swamping gore
Come back in the madness of my soul
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Psalm Of A Dead Dreamer Lyrics

Accursed – Psalm Of A Dead Dreamer Lyrics