What is it that’s making people run all over the planet?
While for some folks it’s a big deal
Just getting water to quench their thirst
There are those who deal like pros
While the losers and the drunks look for the
Right number of their woes
I’m the telephone bug and I listen to all of you
If you need to make an urgent call
That’s where I come in, on the ball
I know nobody likes me
But no worry, I take it lightly
Hello, 1-800
Who am I without a TV?
Hello? Single man trying to contact
And have some hot conversation
This strange device, no way to pass it by
Even if the price you’ll have to pay is pretty high
Reduced rate, magnetic international, fixed or mobile
Everything is digital but there’s no touch after the tone
Nowadays to make love we do it by telephone
We’ve become the fools of what we consume
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Telephone Lyrics

Zap Mama – Telephone Lyrics

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