Well don't be wondering how I am.
What do you think?
I'm full of the Christmas cheer?
I'm thinking of you.
I'm thinking about how much I let us down
Cause I failed to tell you that I need you here
With me
With me.

But I hope you know...

That I'm trying hard...

Cause where I'm from there's hardly any snow.
And there's never anywhere to go
To see you

But, I'll cross my heart, I'll hope to die,
I'd swear on the Bible, I'll swear on my life
That come next Christmas, I'll make things right.
I'll make things right.


Before I go
I hope you know
Even though I never held you
I won't let you go

Cause you're in my heart and
You're in my mind
I'll leave the mistletoe up
Till Spring arrives

So come Christmas Eve
If I'm falling apart
I'll keep the Holiday Spirit
Right in my heart

And know next year is the best year.

So take care.

And I'll see you soon.
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Salutations Sweetheart, It's Christmas Lyrics

Zach Steward – Salutations Sweetheart, It's Christmas Lyrics

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