Ha, S. You. C. To the motherfucking fullest
Me and my n***a Trae and Duwan
Steady everyday dump bullets, on you hoe a**
B***h made n****s, I got my switchblade n***a

[Hook - 2x]
We ride on n****s, and disguise on n****s
Glock cocked we hop out, and surprise on n****s
Fiending to pull another homicide, on n****s
So I keep my enemies close, and my eyes on n****s

I keep my eyes on n****s, cause they watching me
Setting up road blocks, planning on stopping me
But they can't stop me G, cause I'm way too throwed
Blowing on dro, so I'm way too blowed
I'm way too dranked out, sipping on bar
Don't matter who you is, don't matter who you are
I flip with my kin folk, Jay'Ton
Got my motherfucking, ak on
Your motherfucking fo'head
Like Darrel Burton, I'll be leaving many mo' dead
Up in the motherfucking bushes, n***a don't push me
I'll leave the scene red and gushy, like p***y
Don't give a f**k about nothing, but my paper
Holla at you later, me and Trae and Jay about to pull a caper
Running up in your motherfucking house, today and tomorr-a
Taking your tv, and your V-C to the are-a

[Hook - 2x]

I don't give a f**k, no mo'
It's the n***a Ro, and I stay on dro
Gotta have a crease, in my motherfucking clothes
Standing on the stage, rock a crucified show
Holla at the Trae, holla at the Jay'Ton
I can make the season change, at the wave of a wand
We don't give a damn about nothing, but stacking
Reneglade packing, steady bad ac'ing
Ask Lil' C, cause he's a bad actor
That's my damn partna, man and we after
Nothing but the platinum placks, gold placks and all of that
Fatter stack, cause we don't know how to act
We don't jack, n***a we get it legal
I'ma have a b***h barking, that's my desert eagle
Once it bark, everybody gon listen
Everytime I smile, my gold and diamond glissen

[Hook - 2x]

We ride on n****s, then we glide on n****s
Popping trunk on 4's, and look fly on n****s
If a n***a talking down, I'm fin to slide me a n***a
Put his a** six feet, then I'll be a grave digger
That's the Trae, the n***a from the Maab
And I don't give a damn, you see me strutting in my dob
I'm looking so playa in a throwback, with a black Lac
Grab a gat where the haters at, time to push back
Like I'm Fat Pat doing em raw, I put it down
One more time for the shine, when I put it on I'm blind
Have they ever seen a G, like Trae
Coming through sideways, flip the Few Quay
Repping for the blue and the gray, all day
You ever see my mug, get to mean that I don't play
I'm quick to spray, I'm with a K and a Mack 1-0
I'm fin to leave a b***h dead, with a tag on the toe

[Hook - 2x]
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Eyes On Niggas Lyrics

Z-Ro – Eyes On Niggas Lyrics