You can't be fresh as I be
Cause I be on top of this
I be on rockin bitch
And you can't stop me kid
Cause I be a beast
I be, I thought I told yo
You can't stop me nigga
I come back like Yo-Yo
And I be on the game
In and out now I'm back again
Fuck you bitches who I am
Mr... Mr... Yung Cox, yea
And you don't know me bitch
So don't play with this
I will fire up
And I will burn you bitch
You do not wanna fuck with me
Cause I'm incredible
You do not wanna fuck with this
I'm for readible
And I be edible
Like your girls pussy
I be on top of that
Getting me some pussy
And I be on top of this
I be on the mic
I shit on this
Everybody gonna shit on this
Grip my dick and lick on it
Suck my balls, lick that shit
Lick and lick you suckin dick
Bitch I take yo picture
Fuck that bitch
I fit it in
And you don't want no this
No you don't wanna fuck with this
I be the best, bitch, and you don't wanna fuck with this
I be on top yo game
You do not fuck with me
Cause I feel no pain
And bitch you be fuckin with me
I be on top this game
You do not want me bitch
You think I hot shit
And you done messed with this
So do not fuck with me
I tell you this right now
Do not put me down
Or I'll take you fuckin out

Niggaz I'm still grindin (repeat x4)

Hey remember that song I sang?
I'm on my grind all the time
Ever since I came back
07 was phat
But 09, be back
Cause I, I be spittin the lyrics
Writin the rhymes
Now knock it down
Oh bitch lookin now
Lookin, da, lookin, da lookin, daa
Lickin on my dick bitch
Ball deep in this fuckin pussy
I lickin on them tits
Suckin on the pussy (ussy)
She getting all juicy for me
She want my dick too
I stick it in that bitch
And give'are the dick too
She don't know what a dick is
Until she get with me, bitch
I got a seven inch dick and she wanna lick on it
Try'n take it all hoe
Try'n get me balls yo
I'm gonna get ball deep in her pussy
I'ma lick you all hoe
I'ma take yo pussy out
Like it's a date
And bitch I'ma eat it up...
Like it's some cake
But do not play with me
Cause I be comin back like Mr. Shaq
Oh shit nigga now look I'm back
09 I be... Fuckin back


I'm still grindin yo
I still grind on these hoes
Still fly on these hoes
I be fresher than them niggas all the time on these hoes
YouTube, you check me out
Myspace, goin rep me now
Oh shit now look at this
Facebook, goin front me now
And I be fuckin with these niggas, P2p, bitch
Limewire, oh shit, all on me bitch
Check me, Yung Cox what it do hoe
I be on that shit
In and Out now I'm back hoe
I do not know what you mean when you talkin shit, hoe
I be jackin up my game
Like I be 5th yo
I be drinkin liquor
Lickin on that liquor yo
I be spittin the game
Spittin like a fuckin pro
You know what I do
You ain't go no shit
I be beefin on you
And I'ma eat you bitch
Cause you be the steak
And I be the fuckin fork hoe
I cut you up like you's a fuckin dork yo
Rodeo, Rodeo
Take off ya pants
And do the helicopter, helicopter
Take ya shirt-take y-take-take-take ya shirt off
Let me see them titties bounce
When I'm stickin it in you bitch
I wanna see you open your mouth
Fuck the bitch
I'm ready to lick
I'm fuck ya tits too
I'ma lick that c*** too
I'ma open that pussy and hit it like I grew up dude
I'ma do what it do
I'ma do what you deserve
I'ma make you c** on my dick
I'ma do what you heard
I'ma do it like I said
I'ma make you fuckin beg
For my dick
You cravin the dick too dude

(I'm still grindin! I'm still grindin... I'm still grinding! Still grindin...)
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Still Grindin Lyrics

Yung Cox – Still Grindin Lyrics

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