Can we fuck? Can we can we can we fuck? Can we can we can we fuck? Can we can we(Hello) can we fuck? Can we can we
(And all the bitches say)

Fuck that ask me ask me [x4]

[Verse 1: Silver]
Look uhn Hoes know I'm a freak, a thug in the streets but a beast in the sheets
I beat it from the front or the back, pullin on ya hair I'm a make you scream
And you know that you want it, ya fronting like shit but I'm a still grab on it
And look I got dick for the cream, but we don't even want it if it ain't for the team
Haha Ha! I move mean on a bitch, if she ain't about fucking I don't want that shit, if she bout money I don't need that rip
And ya'll know we don't give a fuck about a bitch


[Verse 2: Young curt]
I got pipe bitch, I hope ya got cream, and if you want dick I'm fucking with ya whole team
I'm young curt hoe, bitch yeah I move mean, and when she need to get pipe she just call me
She said she ain't ever been fucked like this, I'm lookin for a bitch to deep-throat this dick
I'm on like shit E. M. G is what I claim, and bitch! We tryna run a train
I'm young curt baby I know I'm the shit, 1 hoe 2 hoe yeah they all on my dick
All they wanna do is fuck, I take em back to the house, grab some titties, grab some ass and focus in on bustin nuts, faaaaaaayssst!

[Chorus x2]
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Can We Lyrics

Young Curt – Can We Lyrics