Call it a freestyle right.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
Style here ain't free though n***a.
S**t here cost guap.
Ha. Yeeah. Yeeah.
Ay you know who back n***a white on white Phantom n***a. Know what I'm sayin.
Yo gotti back n***a... Like I went some where p***y.
You know what it do n***a. Meek Mill wasshannen

Tupac back and we are like the outlaws
Somebody call my label tell them I need an out claws
Back to my trust spot f**k it I have been hot
P***y a** rapper been with me I think not
I got two twin glocks two twins in my free spot
Trouble put white on white black pop 9 with that red dot
Tupac back he never left cuz money right stillin my hood but how about you cuz haters I have been spot b*****s they been rot
F**k one of these p***y niggers I know that they been plot
Tupac back f**k it he never left b***h
I'm still with my outlaws and I'm still on that thug s**t
Still on my drug s**t yea I'm back on that plug s**t (I am) don't wanna come shake my hand
Cause you know it's no love b***h
Nwa n***a with a attitude and I'm so fly in the sky think I should check my altitude
Tupac back he mobbin with bin laden drop the top on my lamborghini took off like and astronaut
F**k it I beg you not al that talk bout the bread you got I am talking paper worth show and proof psi if you fed or not
Tupac back in a brand new Mercades and I remember Brenda cause that b***h had a baby I'm talkin 32 50 that get you 4 and a baby If you anything short that get you 4 and a maybe Maybe 14 grams shawt maybe face on the ground maybe empty your pockets and get your b***h a** from round
I'm yellin tupac gansta like a n***a from Memphis If you f**k round with bishop a n***a handle his business
I'm hollin Tupac back!
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Tupac Back Lyrics