[Chorus x2]
You throw Rose by the case [?]
Three hundred dollar jewellery [?] we [?] by the cases.
You define my case, Gucci is got no laces
It's all about the cases in the kitchen gonna make it!

Up down, up down, my top doing the matrix
[?] we'll run shit basic
Everything kitty, cocaine crazy
Bitch they hit my phone, they fucked out my situation.
DJ drop they got it, don't [?]
[?] you're gambling with your savings.
[?] doing numbers, I may need a helper
Bitch say she wanna fucking, so you know what nigger left for
Rose by the cases, [?] by the boxes
[?] I'm the shit, so how the fuck she gonna be cocky?
[?] get my eyes be Rocky
I pull up [?]

[Chorus x2]

I [?] to the money in all upper cases
Trap on [?] I stay down [?]
Hell on Earth, I say hello to my neighbor
Ghetto nigger got a mansion and [?]
Steel [?] I said get [?]
Try me in the club, we gonna [?] your ass inside it
All my hoes excited, damn your [?] cry
[?] getting mad, cause he think I'm gonna retire
[?] lawyer act for a dismissal
[?] I gotta set up for some Christmas
Me and you got it from Atlanta down to Memphis
Getting money I could pay you, niggers [?]

[Chorus x2]

[?] so the game it got bored
[?] drop the top and hit the horn
[?] I got a bitch from [?]
Can we do a [?]
Fuck and [?] and she gonna follow me my [?]
Friends say she's whore
Talking about she gone
Say she want that Luis bag I [?]
[?] you niggers know [?]
I could get your [?]
Why you niggers bitching with me, come down to [?]
[?] man, I guess they just don't get me!

[Chorus x2]
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Cases Lyrics

Yo Gotti – Cases Lyrics