1st verse

I wanna beat it do it my way
Wanna run, wanna run on the highway
I wanna fly to the sky just to get away
In the heat, in the heat that's why you wanted me

I don't even want excuses
You think I didn't know about exotic cruises
You wanna battle, wanna battle see who loses
But I know that this is just another


Why you had to lie, caught the glimpse of your eye
And the sweating of your hands from your face to your pants
Thought you'd be a better man but you're not you're the same man
It's just an ordinary


Lie to me
Cry to me
Wait and see
I don't wanna be someone else's fool

2nd verse

I waited for you in the lobby
Every second you were with another hotty
You can tease, you can tease with your body
Miseries come in threes, you don't know what I see
Ima take it to the distance
Gonna feel it when I give it the resistance
You wanna lie, wanna lie need assistance?
But I know that this is just an affair

Repeat hook and chorus


Happiness lies right here with me
No one can ever escape what they see
Larger than life
Right by your side

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Someone's Fool Lyrics

Yee-Ling – Someone's Fool Lyrics

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