It's in the wind, the noise and steam
Beneath your skin and in your dream
It's who you are, it's how you feel
Your guiding star, your driving wheel

Let it take you
Let it bend you never break you down

Let it mold you
Make you mold and never hold you down
Sing your heart out

It's on the street, the neon glare
The hard concrete, the cold night air
It's in your voice, the way you sound
You have no choice but come unwound

Your songs of truth and pain
All the things you can't explain

The way you feel inside
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Let the music be your guide
Sing your heart out

Sing it like you hear it
Like you have no need to fear it now
Sing it like you know it
Like you're not afraid to show us how

Sing from somewhere way down deep
Sing and make the angels weep
Sing and open heaven's door
Sing 'till you can't sing no more

Your songs of dark and light
Make your mark with all your might

Your songs of hope and fear
Sing the song that sent you here
Sing your heart out

Sing, sing, sing your heart out
Sing, sing your heart out
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Sing Lyrics

Wynonna Judd – Sing Lyrics

Songwriters: CROWELL, RODNEY
Sing lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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