Black waves like thunderous towers in over me fall
Dark pools open to swallow all
Greedy claws of decadence grasp at every limb
A mirror of marred, grinning faces

In the eye of this storm of staring eyes I stand
Lightning rips both sky and land
Demonic choirs of disharmony
Screaming their false lamentation

And I know I cannot escape
This darkness that´s trying to fill me
For even though I close my eyes

I see fire; I hear thunder roll
I see them carry off the fallen
The mirror cracks; the horizon´s falling
When from afar a clear voice is calling

At the stroke of the harp
A road of light opens before me
Down a golden stream with flames in her hands
With a song she crushes my wanhope
And she dances, dances

Dancer in the light
Won´t you guide me through the darkness
Won´t you blind my eyes that I can´t see the edge
Dancer in the light
Won´t you dance for me

Dancer, you´re but a fantasy
Temporary existance
And I wonder if ever again
I can gather my powers to call you

Or only wrap myself in darkness
And fly away, fly away

Dancer in the light
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Dancer In The Light Lyrics

Wuthering Heights – Dancer In The Light Lyrics