It's raining death tonight - Appears damnation is near
Minions sweeping down upon the night
Littering the skies they ride with razor wings and teeth and claws and
Hanging in the trees they're waiting, watching
Breathing smoke and pounding hearts on sins and blood they feed minions

Ravaged damaged and week
Impaled for the master down beneath
Ripping, stripping bones of all their flesh
Gushing, spraying victims flown off hanging by their veins
The night runs red
All the screamers begging for their sins to be forgiven
Dragged down to the kingdom of the dead
Across a boiling sea of blood and come
The devils slaves make their descent
A fiery hell

Upon this burning altar
I spill the blood of man
I burn his soul with fire
Eternal darkness damned
I blind his eyes with venom
Spit hatred down his throat
I piss on his religion
And curse the land he roams

Diablus Flama Vatrum Sanguis
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Raptus Lyrics

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