Black smoke is rising on the horizon
Like a falcon you spy the line
Eyes cold as iron of a bird of prey
Chaos pushes at the kingdom doors
Listen to their dark drums
Scanning the pounding of
That bloody horde

No time for reason
No time for mercy
Between the fire of war insanity
Only pain in the clash of two worlds
Caught in the storm of the rising hate
The triumph of blind fury
Crushes all the mortal men
So you will fight again

Like a dwarf with a sling against a giant
You can't show mercy when he bites the dust
There's no light of hope in your heart of stone
Because there won't be a better time
Cruel man you've spent your life
Burning killing and destroying without remorse

So leave behind you the forest of pain
Made of thousands victims of hate

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Vlad Tepes Lyrics

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