Commin from the block
Where you don't fuck
One secound
And your brotha got a glock

I'm just a lil boy
Ma own homeboy
Get me feelin paranoid
"die" I can't take that noice

How can I explane
The hopeless pain
I got 2 the game
Street fame
Got me goin insane
Thug life
How can I explane

The way I play that
I can't lay back
I gotta worry about the pay back

Drugz do so you can't stay
Ahh drugz do so you can't pay ahh
Ma brotha callin me 2 say

He'z a murder now
Cuz he heard about
Some body from the south
There wanna sell him out

Maybe itz time 2 mowe
Got tell me what can I do
It's alle up 2 you

The hood is so cold aint nobody give a fuck
It's goin so crazy with tha thugz in da block
Aint nobody give a fuck
Aint nobody give a fuck
Aint nobody give a fuck
I see no changez

I hope the heavenly father see
They are checkin ma proberty
So the police can bother me

I can't understand
How they want me to be a man
Baby I can't

Do this anymore
God tell me what I'm livin for
Death body on the flour

Changez for ma block

Papa drink
Raiset me 2 be a pimp
Mama learn me 2 think

About the trouble
Before the devil continue struggle
I want 2 see the model
There change this bottel

I livin that life
I want 2 see the light
There change this night
The ghetto learn me 2 fight

I got the ghetto in ma soul
I don't know how 2 hold
It feelz like it's gettin more and more cold

Is it ma time 2 pass
Just like ma dad
I can't be sad
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Change'z For Ma Block Lyrics

Woltario – Change'z For Ma Block Lyrics

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