Ysbx baby, ehhm you know what time is it that's right, Iceking, Shaiyon, Wizhasan, let go uhhm,

[Bridge], Wizhasan,

First term I saw yo, can't keep my heart throwin goin further but not keep on hurt diew, Gossip at me and that can't keep on
Kushin, me
What ever she's say's just keep my heart shockin'


Only if you gat me
Feelin' like this
Right, right right
Lovin' you right from the day we first meet eh baby
Right, right right
Baby tell me if you
Love me right now
Baby tell me if you
Love me right now
Baby tell me if you
Love me right now
Baby tell me if you
Love me tell me tell
Me if you love me
Right now

[Verse], Iceking,

I will keep on taking you around the world never make you feel so bad yes.
I'm the ice goddam Am the king Imma.
Fresh fine boy nigga lookin so fly see my life so
Bright see.
I step in the club see I drop see rapp
I rapp I sing niggahz Many things on my
Mind when.
I start to pass all my haters start to hate they always start smile at me they always start to making me heins.
See niggah am so fresh niggah see lookin so fly niggah but.
I never wanna fly in the air So niggah that's right all that sexy ladies Keeping beaten me but.
I never mind cuz I no Send any badger Whey try
To carry me dagger bugger keep on telling.
Father, mother, brother, sister want killer them
Them say Imma great one yes them say I'ma Champion.


[Verse], Shaiyön,

I chill with this niggahz that step me from the
Back even till I die.
Niggah ima never lack she is feeling on the boy yea she's feeling on my dress.
Shaiyön is in mean told the haters am back am
Back with that swags me.
I no they bragg Me I want they burst mic like jesse jagz me I no drag.
Me ino they sag me I want they take top me I
Want they tag when.
Shaiyön is on the beat all the rapper exist Them they fear cuz my rapp.
Some how go complete and I don't give a shit
No matter what they think cuz I'ma fuckin' spend non of my cola them see.
All of them 1by1 them my downgrade me them no they rest all.
I no they no they player hating But presently am that top niggah that the best thing.
See I'ma fuckin' spend non of my to present the next things braa.


[Verse], Wizhasan,

Baby yes I'm ma addicted to how we kicked in
Every word you gon said to me so sucided.
Never knew it could be so wicked hoping that you gotta stay with me.
Good conservation with my hommie my friend she's so patient.
Search around the world you will never another shawty like mine... wizhasan killing swag.
From running wild I can't thank her we can talk about everything she got.
There is ain't price you could put on girl who just know what to said.
Them I could be like you girl just know who I am. Seeing them falling in love with a stripper at y'all Some time with my chick all alone she try to look at me when she's gotta wickle her eyes on me.
My life will find a way to you and I feel so top, top to huge you.
Life without you ain't even forever.
Tonight gotta make it right to you ehh Baby let me ask you little question.
It ain't that money you girl wanted I don't know. Can't wait to falling in love with you uhhum.
Can't get you out of my mind.
If ain't shawty doubt on me ehh.
I can I can't I can if she would love me right now wizhasan uhum.


[Outro], Ice king,

Yea right now it iceking Shaiyön wizhasan that's right ybnc baby broo that's right you know what time is it uhhum
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Right Now Lyrics

Wizhasan – Right Now Lyrics

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