I can't believe what I see,
It's so unreal the way you treat your friends,
And the fire you breathe, the words you speak
It's your disregard for life or maybe yourself... you have

Traded honesty for nothing at all

Maybe one day you'll understand why I can't agree, then you'll see through all the lives that you've been living in, fork tongues and knives won't get us anywhere... and we'll rise above

But until then I'll cherish each opportunity I have to speak of hope, I'll be a foothold for truth

I'll reach out,
I'll challenge,
I'll be here waiting to pick you up

The current is strong, the water runs deep,
It takes someone real to stand against the world's attack, and I will carry your burden until the day you wake

Morning's come, with them come choices, the time is now to choose...
Will you be washed away
I will not be washed away
I won't be washed away.
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Bridges And Gaps Lyrics

With Honor – Bridges And Gaps Lyrics