The doors open - Cohegan turns and stares
He's going to see the execution
All eyes are ont the guards as they drag the prisoner in
The crowd's uneasy in all the confusion

Now Cohegan doesn't look well
And the sweat begins to pour
Remembering as they reached
The final verdict in the court
His heart was pounding
In his throath - down his arm - through his chest
He wanted to be a judge (Not God)

Just then the prisoner breaks free
Charging through the crowd screaming
(you won't get me)
Tackling the Judge - whit his hands around his throat
It happened so suddenly - in a blink of an eye

The judges body went limp
In the prisoner's choke hold
Pulling Cohegan to him saying
(you won't take my soul)
Judge not or be judged yourself:

A shot rang out - the prisoner fell to the floor
With Cohagan still standing
His heart could take no more
Taking a deep breath, he let out one final sigh
It happened so suddenly - in a blink of an eye
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Blink Of An Eye Lyrics

Winter's Bane – Blink Of An Eye Lyrics