Girl, I know you´re out for the money
Flesh for gold, diamond and fur
We´ve seen you workin´ on every guy in this town
Trading your voodoo for the bible of who´s who

All of your dreams you´re searching for gold
I´m not too blind to see your kind

You were baptized by fire, painted by rain
You´re under the spell, feeling no shame
Baptized by fire - to you it´s a game
You were baptized by fire

From out of the trash to burning desire
Still this pouring rain in your heart
Will keep you spinning in the same direction
Can´t you feel it ripping your world apart

All of your dreams you´re searching for gold
I´m not to blind to see

It´s a sign of the times how people
Mess with your mind
One day they say they love you
Then they leave you behind
It ain´t you they want
It´s you they haunt
And the weaker they make you
The deeper they take you
Down til you don´t know what you feel
What do you feel?
Well, I know your game, it´s nothing new, so
You can say good-bye to me cause I have
Said good-bye to you

Voodoo Child Voodoo Child
Voodoo Voodoo Voodoo Voodoo Child
Time to take my freedom, time to take control
Baby, cause I´m on a roll, hit it!
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Baptized By Fire Lyrics

Winger – Baptized By Fire Lyrics

Songwriters: WINGER BEACH
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