All I need is Jesus; all I need is the Lord
All I need is the Savior, just to
Guide me, Show me the way
All I need is you

When I turn to my right, evil is on every hand
Nothing but trouble
No joy and peace to be found
When I look to my left, ah Lord, Lord, Lord
Con fusion on every hand
Nothing but trouble
Wars and rumors of wars are taking over our land

You know what; when trouble comes
And my friends are few
All I need is you, oooh

I found out; I found out
All I need is you
All I need is you
Oh Lord, All I need is you

Ab Lib
You told me when I needed a friend all I had to do was call on you
And right now Lord I need is you, I just want you know I need you Lord. Anybody here today needs him, anybody that's going through. All I need, All I need is you. You said in your word that you would be a burden bearer. Anybody knows he'll lift your burdens today. Want he lift you up, want he lift up a bowed down head. Oh Lord, oh my, my, there is power (healing, joy, peace, love) in your name. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
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All I Need Is Jesus Lyrics