Verse #1
Oh how well I do remember back to old camp meetin' times,
I lingered in the shadows to hide this face of mine,
I could barely hear the preacher barely hear the elders pray,
Then one night I heard a still small voice say...

Move up a little closer don't hide in the shadows,
Come out and be counted with the children of the Lord,
Move up a little closer climb higher up the mountain,
Move up a little closer to the Kingdom of the Lord.

I pretended not to listen tried to close my burning ears,
Although I'd been a sinner who had wasted many years,
I turned to leave the meetin' but somehow I couldn't start,
Once more I heard the voice in my heart....

I'm so thankful for the message that was sent to me that night
I donned my Christian armor and I vowed to spread the light
Now when I see a sinner standing in the shadows dim
I bow my head and say this prayer for him...
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Move Up A Little Closer Lyrics

Wilburn Brothers – Move Up A Little Closer Lyrics