What is wrong with you this time?
Just fucking leave me alone
Playing on my conscience
Trying to make me look like a fool

Go where you need to go
Just leave me be

I just need a little time, that's all
And I will find my way
Live life, though I don't know how
I will find my way

I am sick and tired of this shit
Remain in your little world
My feelings for you lie
Six feet under

Go where you need to go
I am finished with you

If anything you said was true
I would listen
(And I did listen)
But I know what you are after
(I know what you want)
And It won't work on me

This will never break me down
But I still feel like I'm falling apart
I just need a little time for myself

Today is the day
That I'll take the step and leave you
Nothing, nothing, nothing in the world
Will bring me back... To you
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That's All Lyrics

What Tomorrow Brings – That's All Lyrics

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