Walking through the woods, a bear
It munches you. Put your head in a
Vice, go drilling for the goo.
Fall one hundred thousand fest,
Go splat in the middle of town.
Your head lops off from a chain-
Saw and falls down to the ground.

From behind, a blade slides in, and
Opens up your veins. Under your car, the pump
Gives way and squashes all your brains.
A great white shark rips you limb from limb,
A jigsaw cuts the flesh, it tears around the rim.

"An execution", hear the cry, shock! It pops
Your eyes. A rope wrapped firmly a-
Round your neck, it ends all your lives.
Now they stuff M-80's down your fucking
Throat, when they go, you will blow, and
Then start to bloat.

[Chorus: Solo's: M.Z., J.D., repeat]

Pour some gas on your head, then light
A match. Stuff your friend in the oven,
Then lock the latch. Creme your face on
The ground, falling off your bike. Fall
From a cliff Bub, while taking a nature
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Crazy Ways People Die Lyrics

Wehrmacht – Crazy Ways People Die Lyrics