Ring ring goes your telephone
You act like you ain't at home
You shut me out, but it turns me on
Red lipstick, black dresses
A look that I should not mess with
It makes us boys go crazy for you

So fascinated
I'm anticipating the touch
That may never come

In the rain
In the sun
Everybody needs someone
They can dream of all night long
All the pain
And the ways
That you're driving me insane
It's no mystery why you're ruling me

We first met in the lunch room
My ocular nerve went, pop, zoom
I never observed such a beautiful face
Sweet lady, don't play me
If I am a knob, don't fade me
You can't win the game if you pass the ace

I'm so frustrated
This love's belated, methinks
Let's get it to go


I'm not kidding anymore
This love hurts, that's for sure
I feel you, I see you,
I need you


It's no mystery why you're ruling me
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Ruling Me Lyrics

Weezer – Ruling Me Lyrics