I can watch little girl
From the back of my car
I see you and show
At the place that you are
Groceries spillin' up
Out of your bag
Thinkin' you'll end up
A penniless hag

But I see the girl
That you are deep inside
Won't you allow me
To give you a ride
I can console you
And give you kiss
Show you that you can do
Better than this

Angel girl
In a cold dark world
I'm gonna be your man
Angel girl
In a cold dark world
I'll make you understand

I know
That you're thinkin'
I'm trying to score
But deep in your heart
You know that I'm more
Than a cat or a scoundrel
Now that I've found you
I don't want to lose you
How can I prove
You know that I am sincere
You don't need to fear
I'm not like the others
I'll be like a brother
I will protect you
Never disrespect you
But if you love
Then I'll be here
To sex you


It might take awhile
To get with the style
Life at the end
Of the miracle mile
But you're gonna love
The rising above
All the trash
That is sweeping
You under the rug

I'm gonna be there

[Chorus: x2]
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Cold Dark World Lyrics

Weezer – Cold Dark World Lyrics