Talkin'n to some Joe
Hangin' out shootin' s**t
Tries to tell me somethin'
I play it off legit
So pleasant shen the sails
Of the seas of orion gently slip
No need for fod's sorrow
I play it off legit

Dude's hounding this b***h
I'm checkin' out the s**t laughing
Later on i'll f**k her
She knows I'm legit
A s*** scorpion that strings her with wit
I play it off legit
'cuz I know I'm legit

My ma bought me a cool shirt
When I wear it I'm the s**t
I'm really not that legit
My ma bought is
I clapped when I saw her
When I found her, you split
When I'm on the go
You know I'm legit
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I Play It Of Leggit Lyrics