Tell me have heard the stories that they tell so well?
Well I know I have, I'll recite their every word
Did you know them for tonight?
If we make it, I will alright

Tonight I'm rendered scatterbrained
All my thoughts are randomized yet so in focus
I'm awake with eyes wide open
Everything that I've hoping for is knocking at the door

And if everything falls into its' place
By the time that we've reached the end of this race
And may be bigger than anyone of us expected
And if it rings on through the night
Then I will know that I am right
I hope this keeps you up all night!

And when this is all said and done
When we have reached the end of our run
This is what we wanted and so much more
To go our separate ways, never to speak another word
Forget all the actions that took place here
And maybe we could be untouchable just for...
I hope this keeps you up all night!

You just don't know!
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"White Pony Express" Lyrics

We Know Karate – "White Pony Express" Lyrics