Sleeping his only escape from it all
When he's dreaming, he gets a chance to escape from the world and leave it behind
He doesn't know what is real, but he knows he'd rather not deal.
He doesn't know what is real,
But he knows he'd rather not deal
He doesn't want to wake up to the world
Running she wants to run across the grass
Instead she's lying on a hospital bed, hooked up to gas and tubes and lights
She doesn't even know she's alive
Except her mother's praying by her beside
The coma has her locked into a hole
She doesn't even know what is real
Except what they tell her to feel
What are you looking at?
Sometimes the things behind us help remind us of that
No they never told us
Somewhere between the conscious and the sublime
Familiar faces meet for a moment displaced in time
When one of them talks he says he wants to give up,
Cause his daughter has been taken across
He doesn't think he can make it on his own
When the other face tries to respond she sees the face is already gone
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Anesthetic Parade Lyrics

We Are The Fury – Anesthetic Parade Lyrics