Pressure's on, I can't slow down
Got to make it 'fore the best years pass me by
Up before dawn, building my crown
In my own eyes, it's a noble sacrifice
I spend my time tryin' to make a little hay
Before the sun stops shinin'
Material magic got a spell on me one more time
Pile it high, save it up for a rainy day
For surprises, unexpected tragedy
Funny thing is, it can all blow away
Leave ya broken, leave ya beggin'
Down on your knees
It makes good sense till the walls of my security
Come crashin' in
Material magic got a spell on me, one more time
And the checkbooks and the credit cards go flyin'
You can get 'em in the mail before you apply
Can my limit take the weight of what I'm buyin'
Good money down on my own slice of the pie
Are we crazy or just out of control
That we bow down to what money can buy
Seems like people will trade in their souls
For the pleasure, for the ecstasy of the eye
Does Jesus weep, that I spend my time collectin'
What I cannot keep
I heard him say, "Lay your treasure up
Where the hands of time cannot decay"
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Material Magic Lyrics

Wayne Watson – Material Magic Lyrics