It's something we all say we want
It's something most will live without
Happy is what you make
It's up to you it's not my choice to make
I don't need that anymore
I'm older now I'm seeing clear
This is what I made
It's up to me it's not your choice to make
It's nothing that you want to hear
So listen up, make myself clear
Sacrifice is your savior
It's on the inside that you'll find it all
Not in the shit you bought at the shopping mall
It's learning how to give with your selfish bones

Everything I say is free,
I ain't nobody's property
The greatest thing on Earth
When you feel it running down
The back of your spine you'll know
Nobody can take what everybody owns

The sky's on fire
It's burning you alive
With your jealousy
You can take and you take
Your left with nothing
But your misery

Even seeing everything that you've done
Won't make you stop being who you've always been
Even seeing everything that you've become
Won't make you admit that you have been wrong
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Colour Lyrics

Waxwing – Colour Lyrics