I heard Woodrow Wilson's guns
I heard Maria crying
Late last night I heard the news
That was dying
Veracruz was dying
Someone called Maria's name
I swear it was my father's voice
Saying, "If you stay you'll all be slain
You must leave now - you have no choice
Take the servants and ride west
Keep the child close to your chest
When the American troops withdraw
Let Zapata take the rest"
I heard Woodrow Wilson's guns
I heard Maria calling
Saying, "Veracruz is dying
And Cuernavaca's falling"
Aquel dia yo jure (On that day I swore
Hacia el puerto volvere To the port I will return
Aunque el destino cambio mi vida Even though destiny changed my life
En morire In I shall die
Aquel dia yo jure On that day I swore)
I heard Woodrow Wilson's guns
I heard them in the harbor
Saying, "Veracruz is dying"
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Veracruz Lyrics

Warren Zevon – Veracruz Lyrics

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