[Hook - Trinidad James]
What’s your set bout’
Me and my n****s, we flat out x4

[Verse 1: Wale]
Told you n****s, “Do not f**k with us”
Hope you n****s do not f**k with us
You caught feelings cause I caught her attention,
She caught a flight after I caught a nut (whoa!)
Shoutout to my brothers, doe
Quote me too
You goin’ make some haters when you love a ho
Heart is the line, God bless my soul
Profit of my infectious flow
Pardon if my vocab ain’t good
But the school I was in ain’t have no books
These rap n****s never had me shook
I ain’t from a town that is ran by crooks
Get the work from out of town for the money and the power
N****s steppin’ on the powder like it’s athlete foot
Know y’all got, come get at me first
Little n***a better act your worth
Understand n****s got to be heard
Why the f**k n****s got to be heard


[Verse 2 - Trinidad James]
I usually don’t do freestyles
My style ain’t free, n***a
Fresh from head to toe
I said fly from the feet up
I said, you’re looking for a real n***a
B***h, look up and you’ll see us
You lookin’ for your b***h, n***a
Don’t look up, she with Jesus
I said hallelujah, b***h pop the p***y
So she raise her hands and pop the p***y
I’m with Wale, that’s mmg
Now Molly make her go woo
And that money make me show out
My grind wasn’t blacked out
Real n***a, don’t do handouts
My mama crib my stashhouse
In the Yeezy box, n***a oh Lawd
N***a Ziploc and my Concordes
Tell the Feds I don’t give a f**k
I’m the man now, I’m the man now
And that’s dc to the A town
I said dc to the A town
And when I f**k, n****s, that’s hands down
But in dc, they say flat out

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Flat Out Lyrics