You read the paper,
Watch the news and think
Your well informed
I've got some news for you, my friend
That headline that you read,
The story that broke
Was a scandal and a scam,
A political master stroke
They tell you what
They want you to hear
So close your eyes
And open your ears

It's easier that way
When you don't have to
Think for your self, you say
I tell you no lies
I read it all in black and white
It was on my TV
They were telling me
Just what to believe
I tell you no lies
All the while
They're tellin' you lies

Everyday you and me,
We see what we are shown
It's hard to scratch below
The people at the top,
Are hidden far from view
They're not goin' to show their faces
To the likes of me and you
You never see them on the street
Always see the things that they do

They know they can get away
And no price is too
High for them to pay

I tell you no lies
It's very simple
It's in black and white
It's on your TV
We got every thing
You need to believe
I tell you no lies
And all the while
They are telling you lies
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Lies Lyrics

Waifs – Lies Lyrics