Contagious a breed of disease
Airborne created to kill
Boiling intestines flesh eating plague
The skin is covered in wounds
Parasite an infectious spice
Screaming from deep within
No more pain, no more whispering voices
Sanity a conquered illusion
Carrier of world destroyer
What once were will never be again
A breed to inflict mankind
Nervous system close to collapse
Respiratory arrest creating panic
The skin falls apart flesh decompose
A mind possessed by itself
Blood from the ears, blood from the eyes
Melting in a pile of gore
Carrier of world destroyer
Gastric juice drops
From the hollowed body
The bowels fall to the ground
A smell of recent slaughter
a lot of coagulated blood
Process of slaughter limb by limb
Muscles stretch until they burst
Mind explodes in madness
Eyeballs turn inside out
Brain activity turns to zero
No blood left inside the body
Everything burst into pieces
Morbid ending for a morbid infection
Fed by the taste of mankind
Dismembered in a thousand ways
To be a host to the plague
Viceral contents pieces of flesh
Abranded human covered by death
Human experiments out of control
Infections now rule and destroy
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Epidemic (Created To Kill) Lyrics

Vomitory – Epidemic (Created To Kill) Lyrics

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