It's goin' down, liquor store
Must go down, goin' down

Bouncin' to the liquor store
'Bout to purchase me a forty-O
Liquorice types, bootleg tape
Hat off the rack, battery for my DAT
Bill, blowin' me up, Holly go and say the limo pickin' me up
Now I got the plans, the freaky fans, finishin' up
The wash, the wax, the chrome on my
Oh you know, we just, hangin'
Niggas hit me up, paintin my fingers from all this star bang-in
Mental on the ward, give someone a gun
Pull out a philly and he can pack himself
????? ????? and J-Dub shootin' dice with the rest of the brothers
But I'm on TV breakin' y'all motherfuckers
E'rybody gonna get some of that light
When they mobbin' to the liquor store

Everybody's gotta get some light
(Mobbin' to the liquor store)
Liquor store run, liquor store run, liquor store run
(Mobbin' to the liquor store)

But I ain't even there yet
'Cause there's still some more spots I'm gonna hit
Like that brick house on the corner, I've been lovin' it a long time
????? my son and daughter but the sushi all mine
And I'm almost to her house and thangs
Seen 'em, chasin' 'em, Lil' Jase servin' 'em
Hey, I know I'm gettin' closer
Peepin' the homies, y'all sellin' dope
And all of my pimp and hustlers
(Are we all closer, yo?) Yeah, waddup?
How 'bout lettin' me hit those skins and then I'm gonna cut
I'm on my way to your mom's store, I gotta show
And me and Miss Sushi, 'ock you out about the dizzough
Sun is beaming, '96 summer
Aiyo Freeze, you got the beamer and my Camo
Aight you motherfuckers, everybody, gonna get some of that light
when they mobbin' to the liquor store

[Chorus: x2]

In the liquor store
Now I done purchased me a forty-O
Liquorice types, bootleg tapes
Hat off the rack, battery for my DAT
Vigo, fill some more, by the bread rack
My persona out the door, my ????? in Prada want to grab her a gat
But e'rybody gonna get some of that light
when they look in the liquor store
for the sure dough, double-stitched, sock
For the real neat team, never forgettin' its knots
Hops, we be on some ol' hacknin', a whole packet of rubbers
And a video never play me unless it's murder
You got my skrilla, but shit I want all the shit
I don't know about my homies, maybe them fools is been
One, two all the way out to ten
We had their back, that doesn't mean no loss
Somebody bout to set it off again

[Chorus: x4]
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Liquor Store Run Lyrics

Volume 10 – Liquor Store Run Lyrics

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